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It's A Matter of Value!

Did you know that the same item of jewelry can have several different values depending upon how you intend to use the jewelry appraisal?

The "Replacement Value" as provided by your jeweler at the point of sale may not be the same value as the "Replacement Value" for the purpose of scheduling insurance on your item. Similarly, the "Replacement Value",  as used for scheduling insurance is not the same value required for the purpose of Estate or Equitable Distribution needed for settling an estate.

Because this value can have serious implications, it is essential that the appraiser you select understands these differences in value, and how to establish the most appropriate market to research for your particular jewelry appraisal assignment.

The Independent Appraiser

An Independent Certified Gemologist Appraiser has demonstrated their knowledge and experience in the area of gemology, jewelry and valuation theory. They are considered to be the authority on the appraisal of gems, diamonds, and jewelry. Independent Certified Gemologist Appraisers are qualified to provide insurance appraisals as well as more challenging appraisal assignments such as estate appraisals, and appraisals for use in equitable distribution, liquidation, divorce and charitable contributions.

Replacement Cost:
Appraisals for the purpose of determining the approximate Replacement Value are used for use in scheduling insurance, providing a comparison for purchase, and for liability insurance for damaged items.
Market Value:

Appraisals for the purpose of determining the value of jewelry for an Estate, Equitable Distribution of property, Divorce, or Charitable Donation call for the Market Value or Fair Market Value of the jewelry.

Appraisals for the purpose of determining the value of the jewelry when the items are converted to cash and may be used for distressed sale, forced sale, quick liquidation, or orderly liquidation.
Quality Confirmation:
Appraisals for the purpose of verifying the identity or qualities of gemstones and jewelry as represented by the seller.
Estate Appraisal and Consultation:
We specialize in professional jewelry appraisals for the purpose of determining the value of the jewelry within an estate:

Estate Planning
IRS Estate Tax
Equitable Distribution
Estate Inventory 

Whether you are in the Estate Planning or Estate Settlement stage, the process can seem overwhelming. We provide compassionate guidance to help you navigate your way through the process. Our services include "on-site" or "in-vault" appraisals when needed as well as assisting with Estate Sale / Auction inventory and pricing. 

Please call to learn more and to schedule a confidential consultation.