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Independent, Impartial, Professional Appraisals
Company History

Advanced Jewelry Appraisals, LLC (AJA) is an independent jewelry appraisal company established in December 2007 in Des Moines, Iowa.  The company serves Iowa and surrounding states by providing comprehensive gemstone identification and grading, and professional jewelry appraisal services.  The company strives to provide the highest level of professional jewelry appraisal services and to remain an independent, ethical, and unbiased source for jewelers and consumers. 


AJA is dedicated to delivering high-quality appraisal services that will contribute to the professionalism of the industry, provide accurate information and provide detailed appraisal documentation to consumers. This objective is satisfied by maintaining a well equipped gemological laboratory and library, through on-going education and training in the areas of gemology and personal property appraisal methods,  and continuous monitoring of the economic fluctuations in the jewelry industry.


In June, 2010 AJA was accepted into the American Gem Society and elected by the International Admissions Board to become one of 16 Independent Certified Gemologist Appraisal (ICGA) firms.  ICGA firms carry the Certified Gemologist Appraiser (CGA) credentials to another level. They are independent jewelry appraisal firms that specialize in and are considered to be the authority on the appraisal of gems, diamonds, and jewelry. ICGA appraisers are qualified to provide insurance appraisals as well as more challenging appraisal assignments such as probate, equitable distribution, resale, and divorce. These elite individuals are dedicated to providing their clients with reliable and professional independent appraisal services.


AJA operates from the belief that it is essential for area jewelers and consumers alike across Iowa to have convenient access to the expertise and services of an Independent Certified Gemologist Appraiser and a certified gem lab.  These services are essential due to the increased risk faced by jewelers and consumers because of new synthetic gems and gem treatments.  With their extensive experience and training in the areas of gemology and personal property appraisal methods, the benefits of a certified gem lab, and convenient Des Moines location, Advanced Jewelry Appraisals, LLC stands as the trusted source for comprehensive professional gemological and jewelry appraisal services.

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